Rest Time and New Projects

Being home has been really wonderful, and has given me some  good time to refuel before going back to school. It is nice to take some time to study contemporary music rather than have to constantly output material. 

A couple pieces that I have been listening to in my off time are Unsuk Chin's Alice in Wonderland and Violin Concerto, Jennifer Higdon's Blue Cathedral and Violin Concerto, Tansy Davie's Forest and Re-greening, and Kate Soper's Voices from the Killing Jar and The Words Themselves Only Mean What They Say. I also recently listened to Hildegarde Von Bingen's Ordo Virtutem, which was a really incredible experience. It's interesting how contemporary music can hint at different eras, such as how Caroline Shaw's Partita for Eight Voices has remnants of renaissance counterpoint. I hope that in new projects I am working on I can incorporate my love for sacred music.

I have a couple projects on my mind for the coming year, the largest of which is a 20 minute commission from the Four on the Floor Ensemble at Oberlin. 20 minutes is a large canvas to work on, and this will be a really exciting opportunity to work on something of larger proportion. I am going to focus on the development of material in this piece, and try to use techniques to expand on melodic and textural ideas. 



Kari Watson