A Summer at Brevard

I am on week 5 of my time at Brevard, and it has been a really exhilarating and exhausting time. We have received 4 different assignments, each with varying instrumentation, with one week to complete each of them. It began with a piano etude, then an art song, a chamber piece, and finally an orchestra piece. This amount of creative output has been very anxiety provoking and exhausting, but also rewarding in the quick turn around time in the creation of the piece, and the premier. Tackling an orchestra piece is also one of the scarier things that I've done, especially considering my lack of knowledge in orchestration, but I have learned a lot, and lost a lot of sleep this past week while writing a 4' piece. 

I decided to focus on the abstract, tactile nature of music, rather than stress about my lack of orchestration knowledge, so I worked from the ground up developing textures from various kinds of percussion and string techniques. I incorporated bits of melody in the woodwinds and brass, weaving together to form a tapestry of chaos at the height of the piece. Even while working in abstracted, tactile language, I thought of Dvorak's New World Symphony and my love for the opening melody played by the oboes and flutes. This was a driving idea in the orchestration of the clips of melody I incorporated, leaving a lot of the melodic content in the woodwinds, rather than the strings.

The reading for Kindred will be tomorrow at 10 am with the Brevard Music Center Orchestra. This will be a big learning experience for me, and I am really interested in hearing how the dynamics I chose affect the balance of the orchestra. 

Kari Watson